How to avail Zest Money Zero Cost EMI

Top FAQs on Zero Cost EMI

Who can avail Zero Cost EMI?
bluehawks have partnered with Zest Money to offer the Zero Cost EMI facility to learners. I order to avail a loan, one must have a regular source of income with a good credit score.
I am a student with no source of income, how can I avail No Cost EMI Facility?
In such a case, student's parents can apply for a loan.
I have successfully created account on ZestMoney and my credit balance has been approved, what next?
Once your credit balance is approved by ZestMoney, check the amount of credit balance approved. You will see something like this:
You can now use the Razorpay Payment gateway to complete the payment by choosing ZestMoney EMI under EMI option and chose from available EMI options. Go to Razorpay payment gateway Go to Razorpay payment gateway
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My credit balance is less, what should I do?
If the credit balance approved is less than the fee amount of the course you are registering for, you can pay the approved limit in first transaction and the balance fee ( total fee - approved amount paid in transaction) in the second transaction.
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