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This agreement was last updated on December 19, 2017

a) The ‘company’/ ‘institution’ means Bluehawks Education Pvt. Ltd.
b) At certain places, Registration and Admission may have the same meaning i.e. successful enrollment of a student,


i. Anyone desirous to get benefitted with our services can register
ii. In certain courses which requires pre-admission test, registrants will have to qualify the cut-off set by the institution for getting enrolled
iii. The intuition may offer Demo classes for its various courses to let students check the quality of services offered which may be payable or free of cost
iv. In case Demo classes are payable, the amount charged for demo classes would be adjusted in the course fee if the student opts to continue.
v. Free for demo classes would be refunded in case student do not continue with the course.
vi. Bluehawks Education offers various modes of admission i.e. one can get enrolled via our website by filing the required form and paying fee online or students can visit our center for manual/offline registration.
vii. Mode of fee payment: Bluehawks Education offers all standard mode of payments like pay through Net Banking, Debit Cards, Mobile Wallet, and Direct Transfer, however students desirous to pay fee in cash can do so by visiting our center and obtain hardcopy receipt.
viii. In certain courses where it is allowed to pay fee in installments or make part payments, student can enroll themselves by paying the registration fee.
ix. Students opting to pay the fee in installments must pay their fee as per their installment schedule, else late fine shall be imposed as per the company policy, however, no installments/part payment benefit would be allowed if a discount (As mentioned in Point 2 of this document) is being availed by student.
x. In case students fails to pay the fees after multiple reminder, the same shall be recovered under the various policies of the Host University/ institution.
xi. If students are not satisfied with the quality of teaching/study material/services, then he/she must make a written request to the center head and the center head would further present the student’s concern to the Grievance Committee.
xii. Registration/Admission would only be counted as complete if the requisite payment is deposited by the registrant within the due date


i. In certification courses minimum 80% attendance would be required for the award of certificate.
ii. Bluehawks Education only provides training to the students. The institution is not responsible for any other resources like Training Kit. The student must arrange such resources of their own. However if any student wish to take it from the institution, the student must pay the required charges for the same.
iii. After successful registration in a particular course where obtaining certificate is mandatory and is based on fulfilling of minimum attendance criteria by student, no student can join other institution(s) for the same course, without prior written notice to the institution.
iv. If any student causes or is involved in loss or damage to the property of any type, the intuition may impose file or cancel his certification or both


i. The company, at its own discretion may offer scholarships from time to time.
ii. A student can appear for scholarship tests only before enrolling in programs and courses offered by the company, i.e no scholarships would be given post enrollment.
iii. A student can avail scholarship under a single scheme, I case student appears for multiple scholarship test, only result of first scholarship would be valid.
iv. Scholarships cannot be availed by students who have already availed discount in any of the scheme offered by the company
v. The company at its own discretion may announce and withdraw such scholarship schemes and availing scholarship should not be taken as matter of right


i. The institution shall, at its own discretion, offer discounts for limited period of time and students can avail the discount if they complete the admission/registration process within the stipulated time.
ii. The institution may from time to time introduce various referral schemes and group admission benefits for students.
iii. All such referral schemes and group discount offers would be published on our website as separate notices and announcements.
iv. Students may enroll in pair or groups to avail discounts applicable for such admissions.
v. The institution reserves the right to withdraw any such scheme or group discount offer with or without prior notice to students.