1When is the Next GRE Prep batch commencing?
Upcoming GRE Prep batch: 1) 26th Apr'24 ( 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm ) 2) 30th May'24 ( 7:30 am to 9:00 am )
2What is the duration of Online GRE Prep Course
The course is designed for 70 live online classes/105+ hours of learning over 2.5 Months
3Are there any mock tests included in the course?
Yes, 10 full-length mock tests are included in the course.
4Is there a demo class?
Yes, you can request a Demo Class for you to test the waters before joining the course.
5Will I get any discount if I enroll in IELTS & GRE both ?
Yes, if you enroll with us in our GMAT Prep Course you will get 50% off on all our IELTS Prep.
6What are the different modes of payment?
Different modes of payment are Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Paytm or visit bluehawks Support center for offline payement.
7How can I contact you for queries?
You can send 'Hi via WhatsApp to 8448444876 for any queries.
8In case I want to purchase now, but start later, what can I do?
Yes, there indeed is an option for that. In case you want to purchase a program now and start preparing later you can mail your request on support@bluehawks.in or by calling us at "8448444876" after you purchase the program.

Score Guarantee

Our test prep courses are designed to help you succeed on your exams and reach your goals. We have put together a team of experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping you succeed. With their guidance and support, you will have all the tools you need to perform your best on test day.

To further demonstrate our confidence in our courses, we offer a score guarantee. If you complete our course and do not see an improvement in your scores, we will provide you with additional review and support until you do.

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In the realm of GRE exam preparation, bluehawks has emerged as a game-changer, redefining the landscape of online coaching with its pioneering approach and India’s first-ever score guarantee. Aspiring students now have the assurance that their efforts will not go unrewarded, backed by a commitment to excellence that sets bluehawks apart in the competitive world of GRE exam prep.

Understanding bluehawks’ Score Guarantee

At the heart of bluehawks’ revolutionary approach lies its GRE score guarantee—an unparalleled commitment to student success. But what exactly does this entail? Put simply, it means that bluehawks stands by its students every step of the way, ensuring that they achieve their desired GRE scores. Here’s a closer look at what this guarantee entails:

1. Comprehensive Prep Courses

bluehawks offers meticulously crafted prep courses designed to equip students with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence needed to excel in the GRE exam. These courses cover all sections of the GRE, including Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing, ensuring a well-rounded preparation experience.

2. Personalized Support

Recognizing that every student has unique learning needs, bluehawks provides personalized support to address individual challenges and enhance strengths. From one-on-one tutoring sessions to personalized study plans, students receive tailored guidance from experienced instructors who are dedicated to their success.

3. Additional Resources

In the rare event that a student does not achieve their target score after completing a bluehawks prep course, the journey doesn’t end there. bluehawks goes above and beyond by offering additional resources and support at no extra cost. Whether it’s extra practice materials, supplementary sessions, or targeted feedback, students have access to the tools they need to bridge the gap and reach their goals.

4. Unlimited Assistance

Unlike traditional coaching programs that may leave students stranded after the completion of a course, bluehawks provides unlimited assistance until the student achieves their desired GRE score. This commitment ensures that students never feel alone in their journey and can approach their exam with confidence, knowing that support is readily available.

The Impact of bluehawks’ Score Guarantee

bluehawks’ score guarantee isn’t just a promise—it’s a commitment to student success that has transformed the GRE exam preparation experience. By offering a safety net and a pathway to success, bluehawks empowers students to aim higher, push their boundaries, and unlock their full potential.

Empowering Students

With the assurance of bluehawks’ score guarantee, students can approach their GRE preparation with newfound confidence and determination. No longer held back by fear of failure, they are free to focus on mastering the exam content and honing their skills, knowing that their efforts will be rewarded.

Redefining Success

In a competitive landscape where achieving a high GRE score is paramount, bluehawks’ score guarantee redefines what success means for students. It’s not just about crossing a certain threshold—it’s about realizing one’s full academic potential and opening doors to exciting opportunities in higher education.

Building Trust

bluehawks’ score guarantee isn’t just a marketing gimmick—it’s a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to student success. By standing behind their students and offering tangible support, bluehawks builds trust and credibility, earning a reputation as a trusted partner in the GRE exam journey.

In a world where standardized tests like the GRE can be daunting, bluehawks stands out as a beacon of support and reassurance. With its revolutionary score guarantee, bluehawks is not just coaching students for success—it’s revolutionizing the way they approach the GRE exam, empowering them to achieve their dreams with confidence and certainty. So why settle for anything less? Choose bluehawks and embark on a journey to GRE success like never before.