How it works 

  • Onboard, Discover & Explore

    Join us and tell us your story. Your passion, aspiration and goals The Universities, Courses, and Careers that interest you
  • Plan, Evaluate & Identify Your Best Fit

    Together with our Relationships Team, you’ll discuss and review your profile to and your best fit! We'll review your eligibility and requirements to and the right Global Ed Destination, University and Course that meets your needs Standardized tests can make the best of students jittery. With bluehawks TestPrep, we’ve got you covered, for assessments such as: GRE ® | GMAT® | SAT®| English Language tests, etc.
  • Apply

    Together, we'll shortlist and finalize the best options for you. We'll give you a checklist of documents required for application Our team of Editors will evaluate and provide meaningful feedback on your SOP/LOR We'll customize your timeline to make the journey transparent and hassle-free
  • Accept & Confirm

    Congrats! You’ve made it! Once you have received your offer letter from the University, we'll guide you through acceptance and confirmation. You’ve got your place!
  • Visa

    We’ll give you a checklist of documents and help you get them prepared We’ll verify and validate your finances
  • Before You Go

    Accommodation Health Insurance Flights International Banking Airport Transfers
  • Be A Part of Community

    We’ll introduce you to peers and our alumni network of Global Citizens. You can learn from their experiences and create your own! And remember, when you’re a part of the #bluehawksCommunity, no matter which part of the world you are in, you’re never alone.